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Here is where you can easily navigate the course of any and all water-related questions you may have. Our mission here at Apache Junction Water District (AJWD) is to provide residents, visitors, and community organizations/businesses the finest in municipal Water Services.

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A lot of work comes with relocating or starting somewhere new, but your friends at Apache Junction Water District make managing your water simple. We invite you to learn a little more about our department.


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Apache Junction Water DistrictThere's something special that lives here in our community.

We're more than your water utility provider, we're your neighbor.

AJWD will be recognized as an invaluable resource, providing a core service for the community at large, while promoting growth and ensuring the citizens of Apache Junction of sustainability and control over their future. Stay up-to-date on our ongoing projects and other exciting news here.


Water rate adjustment goes into effect on October 1, 2021

Apache Junction Water District customers will see a moderate rate increase that will take effect in October 2021.


Arizona water agencies act to assure security and resiliency of State water supply

On a mission to reassure Arizonans that their tap water is secure in these unsettled times, a group of agencies including ADWR and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has released an informational statement observing that “Arizona’s water supplies remain safe and resilient.”


Apache Junction Water, Arizona Water Co. Have Safe Water Supply

Apache Junction Water, Arizona Water Co. Have Safe Water Supply