Conservation Projects

Each year the Apache Junction Water District partners with the University of Arizona, City of Apache Junction, Arizona Water Company, local businesses, and volunteers to host the Apache Junction Water Festival. 

The event includes four interactive areas; watersheds, groundwater, the water cycle and WATER CONSERVATION. Each area addresses crucial topics in water stewardship.  Our goal is to instill WATER CONSERVATION habits in children’s lives and a lifelong commitment to water stewardship. 

"The Water Festival is recognized within Project WET, which develops water education resources worldwide.... The Arizona Water Festival Program has grown annually having engaged over 65,000 students, 2500 teachers and 2000 community volunteers so far."

Apache Junction's Water Festival is unique in that it offers an optional activity at the end - demonstration of rainfall.  Precipitation is an important part of "watersheds", and for some, this fun and memorable experience is the highlight of the event.