Central Arizona Project Salt River Siphon Outage

October 28, 2019

For six weeks this fall, Central Arizona Project  (CAP) will be performing large-scale preventive maintenance on the Salt River Siphon, a 21-foot diameter pipe carrying water under the Salt River located in Mesa at about the half-way point in the CAP system.

Next week (beginning Oct. 30), CAP will partially empty the Salt River Siphon and a portion of the canal will be dry in order to re-coat the inside of the siphon. A strong coating protects against corrosion and erosion, which helps ensure the reliability of water deliveries for CAP’s customers. CAP has been working with customers for the past several years to prepare for this planned maintenance to ensure they receive the water they need during the outage. 

For more information regarding the outage,  CLICK here to visit the Central Arizona Project website.

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